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✔ BEST VALUE PACK | Fireproof and water resistant for your need at home, office and car in 1 pack. Both fire and water resistant, QueenBird is a premium large black bag set with comfortable handle and shoulder strap which will help you to keep your valuables safe. 2 pieces of fireproof bags for your home, office or car. Protect all your valuables in any place.

✔ PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES | These anti-fire bags are double layered and comprised of silicone with a fiberglass coating and aluminum foil glass fabric inside. The material is also non-itchy for those with sensitive skin.

✔ X-LARGE | Size:15” x 11” x 2.5”. This is an expandable fireproof bag that bends and folds so you can fit multiple items inside. You can also fold it over for smaller safes and holes. It is the best fire-resistant bag for all your important papers, your USB’s, laptop or tablet product for home or the office! To help ensure that our product defends your most valuable documents, our X-Large size of fire-resistant bag has both a Zipper and a Velcro closure.

✔ LARGE | Size:15” x 11” (flat). This is a flat fireproof bag that can be used for storing important documents for home and office. Enough space to store your legal document files, passport, cash, jewelry, photos. It ensures best protection with its strong Velcro and Zipper closure.

✔ REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE | QueenBird Fire & Water resistant bag has the lifetime replacement guarantee, if there are any quality problems with the bags, we will send one replacement to you as free.

Fireproof Bags For Documents & Valuables

SKU: QB-17-01
  • 2 Pcs Fireproof Bags For Documents&Valuables - Fire&Water Resistant Bag Set - 2 Different Sizes (15"x11"x2.5"+15"x11" flat)- Double Layered,Silicone Coated Fiberglas,Zipper&Velcro Closure By QueenBird

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