✅ THE BEST FOR PEST CONTROL - Easily cut, shaped and install. This copper mesh can be used to block holes of any shape and size.Simply cut a piece off and either secure over the gap or stuff the hole tightly using an ordinary scissors or knife. It is designed to stuff all kinds of openings to stop pests,bugs,mouses,snail,insects,rodents and other similar unwanted animals. Works great to seal weep holes and around plumbing, cracked tubes, A/C, vents and other places where rodents and pests enter.

✅ %100 COPPER - Stiffer, flexible and stronger material. Ideal size of 5" x 30 Feet. Made of 100% pure copper NOT copper alloy like some others in the market. With a knitted construction, this copper mesh is almost impossible for animals to gnaw through and very difficult for them to remove. As it made with the qualified and stronger material it also helps to prevent bird problem. It is much safer to use comparing with steel wool, as the wool easily to get fire. Copper mesh is not flammable.

✅ ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY - The best environmental friendly way to stop pest, mouse, rat, rodent, snail, bird, bat, squirrel, snake, mice and bugs without harming them. Environmentally safe to use. No chemicals, compared with steel wool, copper mesh never rusts and leave stains on brick or wood. Why is copper so eco-friendly, or green? Please continue to the description section for details.

✅ DISTILLING - QueenBird's %100 Copper mesh is also ideal for distilling. We recommend using a pound of copper mesh inside your still column. A majority of the old traditional stills you see are made out of copper, and there is certainly a reason for this.Copper will react with the hydrogen sulfide and isobutyl mercaptan vapors and form copper sulfate.This copper sulfate then bonds with fatty acids and oils to eliminate skunky and rotten egg smells, creating a better tasting for final product.

✅ PACKAGING & ART PROJECTS - High quality QueenBird Copper Mesh is great for art projects too. It can be easily torn by hand or cut with scissors or snips. It is stretchy and tubular, not flammable. Pack your gifts in unique way for your friends by using this beautiful copper mesh.

Copper Mesh

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