Frequently asked questions

Is ProtectaClear® safe on jewelry to be worn on skin?

Yes, ProtectaClear® is safe on skin and is used by many jewelery designers. ProtectaClear® will protect the copper as well as the skin of the wearer from discoloration. ProtectaClear® is practically invisible and is used on polished copper and even copper with patina on it. ProtectaClear® is tough and scratch resistant, once it is cured.

Can I use ProtectaClear® on my jewelry with Patina?

Yes, ProtectaClear® will look great with patinas like Liver of Sulfer and other patinas also. Just solvent wipe and apply ProtectaClear® to protect the patina.

Can ProtectaClear® be used on Filigree Jewelry?

Yes, you can dip the jewelry or use an aerosol can of ProtectaClear® to coat filigree jewelry. If the filigree is very tight, you can just blow it gently to break the surface tension of the coating so it adheres to the metal. Some people use canned air to blow out the coating from tiny holes.

Can ProtectaClear® be used on Stones or Minerals?

Yes, ProtectaClear® can be used on stones and minerals and will enhance the look. However, delicate gems like pearls or opals should not be coated with anything. Also, coating soft plastic beads or non-metalic stringing material is not recommended.

Can ProtectaClear® be removed from stones or minerals?

Yes, ProtectaClear® can be removed if necessary with a Q-tip using a solvent such as Xylene.

Can ProtectaClear® ruin my jewelry?

No, ProtectaClear® is completely reversible. The coating can be soaked off or wiped off with a solvent like xylene or acetone without harming the metal or stones.

How does ProtectaClear make jewelry hypoallergenic?

ProtectaClear is painted onto clean jewelry and provides a protective barrier between the metal and sensitive skin. Two coats are recommended on most jewelry to ensure the metal is completely covered so even sensitive skin is protected. ProtectaClear is skin safe once cured. It is thin and completely clear and will not change the look of the jewelry.

How is ProtectaClear different than clear nail polish?

Nail polish is a lacquer and does not have the protective properties of ProtectaClear. ProtectaClear has Anti-Oxidants in it to prevent tarnish as well as protecting skin from allergies. ProtectaClear is skin-safe once it is cured and is much longer lasting than nail polish for protecting jewelry and skin.

Can ProtectaClear be removed from jewelry?

Yes, ProtectaClear can be removed if necessary with a Q-tip using a solvent such as xylene or acetone.